We strike for our lungs #Aarey!

Just when you think the city authorities may have heard thousands of citizens speaking up for Aarey forest – they approve clearing of 2700 plus trees! Mumbaikars reject this slaughter of their own forests! Here’s a snippet of how people showed up despite rains and work on Fri and Sat.

Fridays for Future Mumbai protested like they do every Friday, but this time, it was bigger – to express their outrage and anger against the Aarey forests chopping. Mumbaikars reject this slaughter of their own forests! Calls to attend strike across city was put out on Friday noon, and by evening people turned up in Churchgate, Bandra, Borivili, Thane, Vashi, Shivaji Park, Andheri.

Over to on ground protests now – citizens were joining the protests and actively posting on social media. Several groups and organisations called for citizens to join. It’s amazing to see people come out, but we need more people to join us with every protest. every strike, the pressure needs to be on constantly!

CST in Mumbai apparently saw more authorities, we wonder why? What is so threatening about non violent citizens speaking up?

People expressing concerns to leaders in India on how CRUCIAL it is to KEEP our forests and wetlands intact for our future. Case in point: health impacts from already worsening quality of air in Mumbai. All you have to do is search how polluted Mumbai is DESPITE being a coastal city.

AND Mumbaikars are telling the authorities, stop calling us anti development, anti national (you get the drift) because it’s not a choice or a battle between environment vs development. We need think differently, Mumbai will not survive without its lungs and habitat.

This is OUR future, as more Twitter folks pointed out, adults have messed up, but what about now and the future, can we just REALLY carry on the way we have??

Also people rightfully pointed out, can #India really #stayfit if we do not have clean air? Local forests are crucial carbon sinks, so stop the mindless chopping!!

This is not the end, Mumbaikars will fight for their forests, Aarey is not some patch of land which can be given up for the likes of uninformed politicians and authorities. While Amazon is burning in South America, and we must ask questions and grieve, but can we pay attention and take action for our local forests, beginning with Aarey?

We end with this brave Mumbaikar speaking up for what matters!