If You Should Climate Strike videos

In the lead up to the Week for Future and next global strikes on September 20th & 27th we invite student strikers everywhere to send video messages explaining why you strike and calling on adults to stop work and join in September,All you have to do is to create videos while educating people about climate change and protesting against those who are making it bad.

We will share these videos with Greenpeace supporters worldwide, and other organisations mobilizing for the strikes. If we get a collection representing the global spread of this movement, we plan to put them on a map.
We think this will let us reach our supporters and increase the number of people who strike, make sure many student voices are lifted up, and keep the Week for Future youth-led.

We want to give you space to convince people to join the strike however you think will be most effective. You might want to share your own perspective on climate change, or a story from a strike you’ve attended to help others understand what they’re like. We leave that up to you, but we do think every video should cover these essentials:

  1. Your name (if you want), age, your city and country
  2. How long have you’ve been striking, and why?
  3. A local environmental issue in or demand for YOUR city/state (E.g.: Aravaliforests in Gurgaon, air pollution or cycle paths in Delhi, Save Aarey in Mumbai, KBR Park in Hyderabad, Steel Flyover/public transport vis traffic jams in Bangalore, etc. whatever you want!)
  4. An invitation or call out to join the global strike.
  5. Why it’s important for people to join the movement and strike
  6. And your group’s social media channels people can follow
  7. Emphasize the date: e.g. see you on September 20th!(or 27 depending on your own local date)

If you feel like recording a video in multiple languages, e.g. your local language and English go for it. If you prefer just English, or just your local language that’s also perfect – Do whatever you feel comfortable with and we will figure out subtitles etc as we need.


  1. Find somewhere to record your video without too much noise.
  2. Find a nice, uniform background for your video.
  3. Record sideways, not longways.
  4. Timing – try to record a video at least 30 seconds long.
  5. We won’t put an upper limit on it – if you feel like you’re on a roll, go for it!

Getting the videos to us, and published email us at [email protected]


You can also fill this form, we will get back to you as soon as possible.

The sooner you send in videos the better! We are hoping to post these videos several times a week between now and the Week for Future.