How to make your hashtag trend (For Activists and Causes)

So this is how a Twitter storm works:

  1. Within a set period of time, all of us tweet using the same hashtag
  2. There will be a set of tweets ready beforehand, if possible, in multiple languages.
  3. We can copy-paste them, or use a 2 click link that will make it easier for us to tweet them
  4. You will get this document on the day
  5. Since we have some time, do not wait for the document! Please prepare your own 10-15 tweets beforehand.
    (It helps mitigate spam, trust us!)

What are the mandates?

  • The hashtags
  • The tweets have to be under 280 characters including the hashtags, and 2-3 important handles
  • Use images, that helps you tag 10 people!!!
  • Whenever you Quote RT someone else’s tweets on the day, use the hashtags as a caption
  • Do not abuse, use hateful language, or call for any violence. This is a peaceful digital-strike
  • Do not use the hashtag BEFORE the event. Use only during.
  • Do not tweet more than 5 tweets every minute and not more than 15 per hour
  • You can Retweet and like as many as you want.
  • Threads are better than tweets- threads with photos and people tagged are even better! A thread is basically a series of tweets done after the other.
  • Try and use different tones and angles of the issue to communicate the same thing. You can use a fact, a meme, a video or a gif!